An exquisite tea-drinking experience for everyone who loves a special treat.

We have tracked down some delectable rarities on the world’s most remote tea plantations for you. Only a few kilograms of these teas are harvested per year and their special character and unique aromas have been cultivated and refined over centuries.

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Superior Organic Rarities

These gems of nature are only available from alveus®!

Our exclusive selection comprises over 50 different tea rarities of the finest organic quality! Look forward to the best quality harvests from Indonesia, Korea and Rwanda, as well as China, India, Nepal, Taiwan and Japan. These include exquisite new arrivals that have never been offered in this form before and are making their debut with us.

The amount of delicate leaves that are harvested is usually very small and the plantations themselves are not very big. Choose your favourite straight away as supplies of our rarities are limited. We look forward to receiving your order! Here’s an extra tip: Japanese green tea should be stored in a cool place to ensure that it remains fresh and retains its unique aroma.

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